Episode 1 – Electronic(a)

Welcome to the first episode of Sound Contours. It’s December in LA: Dry, occasionally gray and there’s a discomforting amount of sun. Is it El Niño yet or what?

Enjoy our first 2-hour set of songs, sounds and surprises.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.

George Delerue – Capri
DJ Raff – Sudakaizbeautiful
Flying Lotus – Camera Day
Caribou – Silver
Gobby – Quickie
Harbour – Heartbeat (Prettymuch)
Spectre – Black Abstract Italiano
Lifted – Medicated Yoga
Clark – Com Re-Touch / Pocket for Jack
Le1f – Fry Dem
Kitkkola – Blue Winking
Heathered Pearls – Perfume Catalogue
Tujiko Noriko – Tablet for Memory
Airhead – Masami
Stereolab – Rainbow Conversation
Ahnnu – Elastic
Kutmah – 3rd Eye (Short Version)
Múm – Faraway Swimmingpool
Ikonika – Let a Smile Be (Y) Our Umbrella
Pantha du Prince – Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix)
John Wizards – Limpop
Mount Kimbie – Sketch on Glass (Original Mix)
Deru – Drink it In
Dalhous – DSM-III
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nassau
DVA – No Survi
King Krule – Brain’s Dead
DRC Music – Three Piece Sweet Part 1 & 2 (feat. Bebson)
Tortoise – As You Said
Burnt Friedman & Jake Liebezeit – Sikkerhead
Nu Sound – Wordless Piece