Episode 13 – Building Brains

The Dutch wave breaks.

Holland’s contributions to post-punk were restlessly creative and aesthetically experimental: industrial noise, synthesizers, modern classical, dub and krautrock grooves all made an impact. You might hear an acoustic guitar or a chamber orchestra. You might hear a dreary jam session, driven by a repetitive bassline and ornamented with bleeps and bloops. Or, pleasant ambient tones. A grinding synth instrumental. Sheet metal being cut. An entire factory coming to an abrupt halt. Some obtuse improvised non-music recorded direct to cassette at a squat somewhere in Amsterdam. A piano.

Last in the series, Building Brains is a mix for the open mind.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


De Fabriek – Take Four
Ensemble Pittoresque – Several Sunsets
Flue – Legacy
Mekanik Kommando – Scars – Run Tintintin Run
Bazooka – Rood / Wit
Nasmak – 4 Our Clicks
Edward Ka-Spel – Hotel Rouge
Prof. Einstein – Le Jardin Noir
Van Kaye & Ignit – Chapel
Nexda – ThreeSeventyFive
The Visitor – Tranceparent Whirled
Ensemble Pittoresque – Building Brains
De Div – Pasodoble
Minny Pops – Mono
The Young Lions – Marie and Jane
Störung – Dimensie 4
Mecano – The Mutant Jasz
Kiem – Request to Obtain
Coitus Int. – The Threat
Genetic Factor – Action Spot
Ensemble Pittoresque – Auratorium
Van Kaye & Ignit – Schmerz
Ende Shneafliet – Crusoe’s Roots
Smalts – Werktitel #7
Z’ev – Untitled
The Young Lions – Spade Reverie
S.R. Emmer – Ein Schnellboot am Ganges
Sammie America’s Mam – The Stockhausen Sound
Mekanik Kommando – First Snow
Flue – Refuge
Vice – L’Autostrada
Edward Ka-Spel – Lisa’s Christening
Muziekkamer – Syncopes