Episode 17 – Global Antenna

On this global bass mix, energy is central: Rhythms of the Afro-latin world are brought together in a transatlantic call-and-response between Africa, Europe, South and Central America — a swirl of synthetic and acoustic beats, a weaving of sampled and recorded voices, a synthesis of roots and branches — joined by producers from nearly every continent.

The second Global Electronic episode, Global Antenna mixes digital cumbias from post-EDM Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador with a selection of high-energy clave-rooted beats and kuduros from all over the Portuguese-speaking world, while dropping in hip-hop and dancehall-inflected beats that flip sounds from locales as far-flung as Bollywood.

It matches French MPC producers ventriloquizing Brazilian MPB samples with Italian producers ventriloquizing Central African tribal recordings, and blends the latest electronic techniques with classic Latin percussion instruments and African mbira. It selects from African artists living part-time in Europe, and even listens in on a few like-minded producers in Japan, Turkey, Colorado, and California.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


The Very Best – Ufumu
Nicola Cruz – Cumbia del Olvido
Psilosamples – Soldadinho do Aripe / Periquoto Cara-suja
Souleance – Mais Um
Frikstailers – Cumbia Frikera
Ccolo – Immortal Birds Diwali
Al Dobson Jr. – Malfuf – Nebetia
Daniel Haaksmen – Aho
Clap! Clap! – The Rainstack Fable
Magnus P.I feat. Penya – Search It Out
Dengue Dengue Dengue – R2
Mala – Inga Gani
Underspreche – Flowers From the Lake
Anchorsong – Butterflies
Chancha via Circuito feat. Lido Pimienta – Jardines (Tremor Remix)
Gossamer – J-cruise
Nicola Cruz – Mantis (Xanga Remix)
DJ Marfox – Cobra Preta
DJ Kolt & DJ Perigoso – Perseguição
Clap! Clap! – (E) Earnest
Ibibio Sound Machine – Uwa The Peacock (Eki Ko Inuen Uwa)
Mbongwana Star – Suzanna
El Guincho – Antillas
Thug Entrancer – Curaga
Los Chapillacs – Marcha del Chullachaqui (Deltatron Remix)
Africaine 808 – Yes We Can’t
Abu Ama – Tired in Istambul