Episode 26 – Athleisure

Euphoric vibes, sculpted tones and melodic (at times challenging) beats converge for a brisk tour through the industrial park of tomorrow. The hoverboard has its soundtrack.

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Yasuaki Shimizu – Tachikawa
Radiohead – I Am Citizen Insane
Rival Consoles – Morning Vox
Ada – You and Me
Rabit – Glass Harp Interlude
Aphex Twin – Milk Man
Iller – Bending Oddity
Kwes. – Hives
Arca – Dignity
Kahn, Commodo & Gantz – Kibosh
Knxwledge – Dntleave
Bullion – Don’t Talk (Close Your Eyes)
Gold Panda – Autumn Falls
Gobby – Hyuna
Bjork – Innocence (Alva Noto Unitxt Remodel)
Jlin – Nandi
Kutmah – Darkening Of The Light
Henry Wu – Expensive Ghetto (Feat. Mo Kolors)
Cakedog – 24 HRS
Moiré – Gel
Beat Spacek – Alone In Da Sun
Dabrye – In Water
James Place – High Rise (Rainier)
Bibio – Saint Christopher
Baths – Seaside Town