Episode 27 – Home Furnishing

House music for the nest: These selections of micro, minimal, lo-fi, glitch, ambient and deep house hang together like insulating drapes — subtle head music heaving and pulsing in the stillness of a calm room, with steady, four-on-the-floor background beats and tightly knit bass lines that like to lead the groove. Synth pads and vocal samples line the space like wallpaper. Zone out and enjoy.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Afterhours – Defragment #2
Body-San – One Million Brazillion Dollars
Stimming – No. 17
Ishmael – No Chaser
Letherette – Without You
Farben & James Din A4 – Please Excuse My Face
Jan Jelinek – They, Them
Jetone – Octan
Rod Modell – Syria
Martin Schulte – City Night
Thomas Fehlmann – Atlas 2
Elka – BBX1999
You’re Me – Oot Re Mi
Perfume Advert – Auspice
Anders Ilar – Gramineous Glow
Martin Buttrich – Stop Motion
Ricardo Villalobos – Hireklon
Farben – Silikon
Nosaj Thing – NR2
Moodymann – Why Do U Feel
Gold Panda – Mediaevil
Francesco Tristano – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence