Episode 31 – Last Patios

The lounge chair’s in the right place. Most of the umbrella’s still standing.

It’s everything else that’s gone.

Bid farewell to civilization with this dramatic mix of post-nuclear lounge tunes — a fantasia of slunk grooves, dramatic orchestral arrangements and exotic percussion.

Join me for our last few sips of wine cooler ever, at the last party anyone will attend, here on the last patios anywhere.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Submerse – It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses
Les Baxter – Thinking Of You
Esquivel & His Orchestra – So Rare
Paul Tanner, Andre Montero & His Orchestra – Holiday On Saturn
Martin Denny – Hypnotique
The Surfmen – Aloe Oe
Armando Sciascia – Black Sand
Frank Hunter & His Orchestra – White Goddess
Ron Goodwin – The Moon
George Shearing – Lotus Land
Warren Baker & His Orchestra – Malayan Nightbird
Piero Piccioni – Eros In Hiro
Jerry Byrd – Bird Of Paradise
Frank Comstock & His Orchestra – Out Of Space
Henry Mancini – Lujon (Slow Hot Wind)
Decibels A Go-Go – De 9 A 6
Andre Popp Presents Elsa Popping & Her Pixieland Band – La Java Du Diable
Russ Garcia & His Orchestra – Red Sands Of Mars
Stan Applebaum, His Orchestra & Chorus – Undiscovered Island
Tak Shindo – Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Johnny Spencer & The Kona Koasters – Monsoon
Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again (1939 Version)