Episode 31 – Last Patios

The lounge chair’s in the right place. Most of the umbrella’s still standing.

It’s everything else that’s gone.

Bid farewell to civilization with this dramatic mix of post-nuclear lounge tunes — a fantasia of slunk grooves, dramatic orchestral arrangements and exotic percussion.

Join me for our last few sips of wine cooler ever, at the last party anyone will attend, here on the last patios anywhere.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Submerse – It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses
Les Baxter – Thinking Of You
Esquivel & His Orchestra – So Rare
Paul Tanner, Andre Montero & His Orchestra – Holiday On Saturn
Martin Denny – Hypnotique
The Surfmen – Aloe Oe
Armando Sciascia – Black Sand
Frank Hunter & His Orchestra – White Goddess
Ron Goodwin – The Moon
George Shearing – Lotus Land
Warren Baker & His Orchestra – Malayan Nightbird
Piero Piccioni – Eros In Hiro
Jerry Byrd – Bird Of Paradise
Frank Comstock & His Orchestra – Out Of Space
Henry Mancini – Lujon (Slow Hot Wind)
Decibels A Go-Go – De 9 A 6
Andre Popp Presents Elsa Popping & Her Pixieland Band – La Java Du Diable
Russ Garcia & His Orchestra – Red Sands Of Mars
Stan Applebaum, His Orchestra & Chorus – Undiscovered Island
Tak Shindo – Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Johnny Spencer & The Kona Koasters – Monsoon
Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again (1939 Version)

Episode 29 – Mind Train

Mind Train aka Wild Gems II picks up where the first Wild Gems left off, taking us further down the stoney path through a vibrant and concerted wilderness of psych, exotica and eclectic international rock records.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Budapest Radio Orchestra – The Lights of Hong Kong
Yoko Ono – Mindtrain
Erkin Koray – Sir
Bharat Karki & Party – Calcutta Calcutta
Fred Weinberg – Aum Mau Mau
Dick Hyman – Topless Dancers of Corfu
Bo Dollis & The Wild Mangolias – Handa Wanda
Bernard Gérard – Crocodile Porte-Clé
Stereolab – Iron Man
Ersen – Gafil Gezme Saskin
Cem Karaca & Apaslar – Gilgamis
Pierre Henry – Jericho Jerk
John Hill – Io
Morgan Delt – Barbarian Kings
Selda – Yaylalar
Kalyanji-Anandji – Bansarai Babu Beats
The Piranha Sounds – La Turbie Pirhanienne
Raymond Guiot – Primitive Spirit
Ananda Shankar – Dancing Drums
Zafer Dilek – Tokat Sarması
Los Diablos Rojos – El Guapo
Banda Eletrica – Soy Loco por ti America
Yma Sumac – Gallito Ciego (One-Eyed Rooster)
Los Henry’s – Cumbia del Amor
Abelardo Carbono – Guana Tangula

Episode 28 – Thai Town

Our cousin and good friend Matthew arrived from Thailand last year with a stack of vintage Luk Thang 45s in relatively worn condition, being decades old and stored only in paper sleeves. While he couldn’t read the labels in Thailand’s stores, he did pick the 45s that seemed to uncannily stand out from the others, and managed to pick out plenty of gems via whatever musical antenna Matthew was gifted by Pan, god of wine and music.

So I digitized the whole set and tried to provide a fair rendering of each disc while avoiding the harsher surface noise, clicks, and scratches from the vinyl. Then, I was able to curate the best hour or so of material into this mix.

Information about some of these Luk Thang picks is available online, but many remain mysterious. My partially reconstructed tracklist shows tunes by Sangsuree Rungroj, Sayan Sanya, Winai Bundarak, and Chaloemphon Hit Donchai, but we know up to ten other unknown artists are featured. Who, for instance, is behind the cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s “J’taime Moi Non Plus”?

Whatever the answer, you can enjoy the retro vibes of Thai Town below — the first of four new episodes to be released over upcoming weeks tracing some exciting strains of sound among vintage international musics.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.

Partial tracklist:

แสงสุรีย์ รุ่งโรจน์ (Sangsuree Rungroj) – เหมาหมด (Mixed)
สายัณห์ สัญญา (Sayan Sanya) – Unknown
สายัณห์ สัญญา (Sayan Sanya) – อดีตรักสาวเดิมบาง (Some Old Love)
สายัณห์ สัญญา (Sayan Sanya) – อย่าหลงข่าวลือ (Do Not Fall For The Rumor)
สายัณห์ สัญญา (Sayan Sanya) – คนชายแดน (Borderman)
Unknown Artist – ฉันรักฉันไม่มาก (J’taime Moi Non Plus)
เฉลิมพล ฮิตโดนใจ (Chaloemphon Hit Donchai) – วันเข้าพรรษา (Past Love Buddhist Lent Day, or Past Love Rainy Season)
เฉลิมพล ฮิตโดนใจ (Chaloemphon Hit Donchai) – วอนแม่หมั้นสาว (Won Mae Engagement Girl)
วินัย พันธุรักษ์ (Winai Bandurak) – บัวตอง (Mexican Sunflower)

Episode 9 – Cinemascope Patio

Rum punch from a coconut. Plastic hula skirts. Vivid fantasies. More dreamy 70mm music, tuned in to terra-cotta tiles, potted palms and those infinity pools behind your eyelids. Many thanks to the incredible Exotica 45s project and of course astral exploration affionado Flash Strap for pointing me in the direction(s) of so many solid old slabs of wax, mixed here with a few contemporary cuts that harken to those original years of le exotique.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Jimmy Nanaro Trio – Driftwood
The Surfmen – Fire Goddess
Bill Justis – The Dark Continent Contribution
Esquivel and His Orchestra – La Bikina
Eden Ahbez – Myna Bird
Roger Roger and Nino Nardini – Coconut Coast
Les Baxter – Batumba
Bruno Nicolai – Shan
Gene Moles and The Softwinds – Maria (The Wind)
Mike Cooper – Paumalu Sunset Beach
Arthur Lyman – Shangri-La
Terry Snyder and The All Stars – Aloha Oe
Jun Miyake – Relaxn’
Martin Denny – Stardust
Dominic Frontiere – Venus Girl (Ix-Koben)
Armando Scascia – Nostalgic Sea
The Sound Breakers – Marooned
The Wailers – Driftwood
Cal Tjader – The Bilbao Song
Piero Piccioni – Eros in Hiro
The Three Suns – Bali Ha’i
Paul Tanner with Andre Montero and His Orchestra – 20th Century Venus
Henry Mancini – Dreamsville
Frank Hunter and His Orchestra – Temple Bells
Martin Denny – Jungle Drums
Kenny Dorham – Lotus Flower
Ron Goodwin – The Rings Around Saturn
The Ebbinghouse Sound – Turkish Delight
Herman Clebanoff and His Orchestra – Sueno Flamenco
Stony Starr – Theme for Moongazers (Part 1)