Episode 9 – Cinemascope Patio

Rum punch from a coconut. Plastic hula skirts. Vivid fantasies. More dreamy 70mm music, tuned in to terra-cotta tiles, potted palms and those infinity pools behind your eyelids. Many thanks to the incredible Exotica 45s project and of course astral exploration affionado Flash Strap for pointing me in the direction(s) of so many solid old slabs of wax, mixed here with a few contemporary cuts that harken to those original years of le exotique.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Jimmy Nanaro Trio – Driftwood
The Surfmen – Fire Goddess
Bill Justis – The Dark Continent Contribution
Esquivel and His Orchestra – La Bikina
Eden Ahbez – Myna Bird
Roger Roger and Nino Nardini – Coconut Coast
Les Baxter – Batumba
Bruno Nicolai – Shan
Gene Moles and The Softwinds – Maria (The Wind)
Mike Cooper – Paumalu Sunset Beach
Arthur Lyman – Shangri-La
Terry Snyder and The All Stars – Aloha Oe
Jun Miyake – Relaxn’
Martin Denny – Stardust
Dominic Frontiere – Venus Girl (Ix-Koben)
Armando Scascia – Nostalgic Sea
The Sound Breakers – Marooned
The Wailers – Driftwood
Cal Tjader – The Bilbao Song
Piero Piccioni – Eros in Hiro
The Three Suns – Bali Ha’i
Paul Tanner with Andre Montero and His Orchestra – 20th Century Venus
Henry Mancini – Dreamsville
Frank Hunter and His Orchestra – Temple Bells
Martin Denny – Jungle Drums
Kenny Dorham – Lotus Flower
Ron Goodwin – The Rings Around Saturn
The Ebbinghouse Sound – Turkish Delight
Herman Clebanoff and His Orchestra – Sueno Flamenco
Stony Starr – Theme for Moongazers (Part 1)

Episode 5 – Groundhog Suite

The second in our Electronic(a) series, this tasty 90-minute installment of diverse electronic gems is sure to dislocate listeners to a whole new season. Groundhog Suite collects recent and past indie electronic cuts, including hip-hop and downtempo beats, synthesizer instrumentals, post-rock tracks and much more.

Stream it here or listen at iTunes.


Penguin Cafe Orchestra – The Snake and the Lotus (The Pond)
Illangelo – Shattered Paradise
Ccolo – Peace Me Babi Dub
Anchorsong – Oriental Suite
Gold Panda – I Suppose I Should Say ‘Thanks’ Or Some Shit
Inner Science – Lighting
submerse – whyarentyou
Four Tet – Plastic People
[offbeatninja] – You and I (You’re Not Alone)
Henry Wu – Just Negotiate (feat. Simeon Jones)
James Blake – Postpone
Tribilin Sound – El Carmen
Co La – Smooth Solidarity
Jib Kidder – My Baby (feat. Julia Holter)
Twin Sister – Kimmi In a Race Field (Balam Acab Remix)
IRIS – Planetarium
Javelin – Goal \Wide
Sam Spence – Sunken Ship (Version 2)
Virtual Flannel – Black Bunnyhug
DTCPU – Lucky Dragon feat. Geodesic
Deantoni Parks – Down
J Dilla – Oh Oh
GOALS – Ghost Run
Dudley Perkins – Falling
submerse – thinking about you
Nicolas Jaar – Shame
Cross Record – Lemon
Sam Prekop – The Republic 3
Fennesz – Aus