Episode 21 – Beat Yield

It’s 35 swag beats from 34 of my favorite producers this year. All 2016 everything.

Shitty year; awesome sounds. Reap the harvest.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Parks Burton – dlab1
Four Tet – Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never edit)
Nicola Cruz – Invocacion
GOALS – Sugar Crush
Brother Mynor – david duchovny hides in the broom closet
Ccolo – Exoticaspeakerjam
GUNDAM – Bikini Beach
Al Dobson Jr. – White Rum
mieksneak. – Mililiters
FaltyDL – Bridge Spot
Gold Panda – Pink and Green
Daedelus – Special Re: Quest
Commodo – Solid Gold Telephone
Dakim – may hope (beatitude 4)
Saafron – Host Body
Olof Melander – Slow
Abu Ama – Efendi Remix
Bwana – Failed Escape (Where You Belong)
Seiho – Peach and Pomegranate
Andy Stott – New Romantic
Submerse – Sidequests
Mark Pritchard – Under the Sun
Oval – re
Nosaj Thing – N R 3
Jilk – Be Heart
Weval – You###re Mine
Etch – Technicolor Daydream
Moiré – Brixton
Hiele – Verwelkoming
LinG – Canthem
T_A_M – Myelin Sheath
Don’t DJ – Fall (4 Interesting Music)
Swarvy – RC
DJ Earl – Lotta A$$

Episode 15 – High Summer

Ambient heat and luminescent drones from contemporary artists and composers for bathing in the light ecstatic or brooding in the blinding sun. On this episode, tons of 2016 tracks are featured alongside seldom heard classics, all by thinkers who truly know how to focus their (and our) senses.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Shigeto – Deep Breathing
Irezumi – Contemplations
Benoît Pioulard – Of Everything That Rhymes
Maju – Yawning In An Afternoon’s Monotony
Naemi – Propel (Original Mix)
Lucy – A Selfless Act
Guitoo – Snow Noiz
Christina Vantzou – Valley Drone
Sean McCann – Guardian
Ian William Craig – Expanding Hope Into Caverns
Anenon – Panes
Huerco S. – The Sacred Dance
Zomes – Life On The Wheel
Julianna Barwick – Nebula
Tim Hecker – Up Red Bull Creek
Trees – sonm ambient 2
Ben Lukas Boysen – Sleepers Beat Theme
Félicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – ME
Harbour – best self
Don’t DJ – Southeast Subterrane
Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Venusian Sunset
Mark Pritchard – ?
Benoit Pioulard – II
Kane Ikin – Autophasic
Alessandro Cortini – Di Passaggio
Leafar Legov – MX Home
M. Geddes Gengras – Threshold
Grouper – Made of Air

Episode 13 – Building Brains

The Dutch wave breaks.

Holland’s contributions to post-punk were restlessly creative and aesthetically experimental: industrial noise, synthesizers, modern classical, dub and krautrock grooves all made an impact. You might hear an acoustic guitar or a chamber orchestra. You might hear a dreary jam session, driven by a repetitive bassline and ornamented with bleeps and bloops. Or, pleasant ambient tones. A grinding synth instrumental. Sheet metal being cut. An entire factory coming to an abrupt halt. Some obtuse improvised non-music recorded direct to cassette at a squat somewhere in Amsterdam. A piano.

Last in the series, Building Brains is a mix for the open mind.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


De Fabriek – Take Four
Ensemble Pittoresque – Several Sunsets
Flue – Legacy
Mekanik Kommando – Scars – Run Tintintin Run
Bazooka – Rood / Wit
Nasmak – 4 Our Clicks
Edward Ka-Spel – Hotel Rouge
Prof. Einstein – Le Jardin Noir
Van Kaye & Ignit – Chapel
Nexda – ThreeSeventyFive
The Visitor – Tranceparent Whirled
Ensemble Pittoresque – Building Brains
De Div – Pasodoble
Minny Pops – Mono
The Young Lions – Marie and Jane
Störung – Dimensie 4
Mecano – The Mutant Jasz
Kiem – Request to Obtain
Coitus Int. – The Threat
Genetic Factor – Action Spot
Ensemble Pittoresque – Auratorium
Van Kaye & Ignit – Schmerz
Ende Shneafliet – Crusoe’s Roots
Smalts – Werktitel #7
Z’ev – Untitled
The Young Lions – Spade Reverie
S.R. Emmer – Ein Schnellboot am Ganges
Sammie America’s Mam – The Stockhausen Sound
Mekanik Kommando – First Snow
Flue – Refuge
Vice – L’Autostrada
Edward Ka-Spel – Lisa’s Christening
Muziekkamer – Syncopes

Episode 12 – Short Memories

Wild, uptempo post-punk slammers from Holland in the ’80s. If the spirit of Dutch new wave can be captured in a single mix of dark, eccentric party tracks? Here’s your candidate.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Kiem – Short Memories
Das Ding – H.S.T.A.
De Div – Walk
Güler – Princess Parade
La Voix Qui Rit – Huba Huba
Flue – Some-Times
Minny Pops – Time
Mekanik Kommando – Entangled By Colors
The Actor – Picture 210
The Project – Money and Morals
The Tapes – Night After Night
Dojoji – Quincunx
Cargo Cultus – Le Peste
W.A.T. – Sub
Storung – Europe Calls
Tent – Distances
Ensemble Pittoresque – Program
Van Kaye & Ignit – Negroe in N.Y.
Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars
Vice – See!
Coitus Int. – In Jutland
Nasmak – Plaster
De Div – Dit Moment
Kiem – Moneyman
Ensemble Pittoresque – A Distant Dance
Minny Pops – Tracking
Ende Shneafliet – The Day Detlef Macha Won
Mekanik Kommando – Icefield
Pee Dee – Tiuri
Tent – The Fear
Nasmak – Me Rex
The Tapes – Hot Line
Vice – Fiction Tales
Nine Circles – Here Come I
W.A.T. – Ivanhoo
The Actor – Lights
Plus Instruments – Bodies

Episode 11 – Chase Horizons

New wave poses. Art rock techniques. Cyberpunk poetry. Gothic moods. Alien synths. Caterwauling guitars. Scrap yard funk. Tractor tire basslines. Abandoned factories. It’s post-punk, it’s Holland, it’s the ’80s.

From 1978 to 1988 Holland joined the transatlantic fray. There’d been a few new wave bands in the Dutch pipeline by ’78, but the country’s ultramodernen scene really sparked with the avant-garde post-punk club ULTRA, which ran from 1980 to ’81 in Amsterdam. The term often used to describe Dutch post-punk as a whole, ULTRA was taken from this one short-lived party.

Focused on the more challenging acts, the original night was put on by many of the musicians and writers that would go on to work at Vinyl Magazine and the broadcaster VPRO, both champions of the Dutch wave for most of the decade to follow. Sharing label rosters and venues with the scene’s core avant-garde after 1981 were other, somewhat more sophisticated if not more accessible acts who would experiment less with a “cringe” aesthetic than with music composition. As in the post-punk scenes internationally, bands didn’t even put out records of any note for the most part until after 1981 or ’82. Earlier recordings tended to sound rough, gritty and dissonant, while later projects from ’82 and after moved toward accessibility and maturity.

In the long run, sonic cross-polination was a sort of death knell for the original underground, but looking back it resulted in some of the era’s best releases — similar to how early US and UK punk and industrial bands were hugely influential, but the new wave and post-punk bands that followed (often featuring musicians from the earlier bands) bested them by expanding their sound. After all, purity is boring.

DIY and the general milieu of awkwardness didn’t necessarily go away, though. Often, the more “accessible” stuff could be really weird: You had bands like Kiem, who sound like a bizarro world Kraftwerk, or Moroder, blending completely homemade percussion with thick, arpeggiating synthesizers and a skronking saxophone.

To the mixes, then.

First in the Dutch Waves series, Chase Horizons offers a sweeping collection of truly compelling songs, sounds and perspectives. Next week is Short Memories, focusing on uptempo beats and the dance-oriented vibes underpinning many of the period’s best tracks. The final installment, Building Brains is a definitively bi-polar view of the scene’s outermost creative edges: industrial noises, compositional indulgences and acoustic gems.

Though honestly, they all kind of overlap.

Stream it here or listen on iTunes.


Mecano – Autoportrait
The Tapes – March
Coitus Int. – Bonanza
Nine Circles – The Rose
Mekanik Kommando – Money For Pleasure
De Div – Lichaam Op Het Laken
Kiem – Time Doesn’t Heal
Das Ding – Makimo
Vice – Stirring Up The Fire
Ensemble Pittoresque – Lovesong
Minny Pops – Ice Cube Wall
Nasmak – Duel (With Unequal Arms)
Mick Ness – You In Me
De Div – Marianne H.
Neon – Standing On The Other Side
The Gentry – Escape
Storung – Radio Lines
Sammie America’s Mam – Find a Form
Vice – The Beast
Flue – Esmafarja
Edward Ka-Spiel – Tick Tock
Tent – Chase Horizons
Mekanik Kommando – First Reprise
Nasmak – Silhouette
Stephen Emmer – Teracotta Trimmings
Mecano – March of The Iron Workers
Ensemble Pittoresque – Ash Grey As Sunday
Nine Circles – What’s There Left
Tent – You Will Fall
Sammie America’s Mam – It’s Slipping Away
The Gentry – Senses

Episode 5 – Groundhog Suite

The second in our Electronic(a) series, this tasty 90-minute installment of diverse electronic gems is sure to dislocate listeners to a whole new season. Groundhog Suite collects recent and past indie electronic cuts, including hip-hop and downtempo beats, synthesizer instrumentals, post-rock tracks and much more.

Stream it here or listen at iTunes.


Penguin Cafe Orchestra – The Snake and the Lotus (The Pond)
Illangelo – Shattered Paradise
Ccolo – Peace Me Babi Dub
Anchorsong – Oriental Suite
Gold Panda – I Suppose I Should Say ‘Thanks’ Or Some Shit
Inner Science – Lighting
submerse – whyarentyou
Four Tet – Plastic People
[offbeatninja] – You and I (You’re Not Alone)
Henry Wu – Just Negotiate (feat. Simeon Jones)
James Blake – Postpone
Tribilin Sound – El Carmen
Co La – Smooth Solidarity
Jib Kidder – My Baby (feat. Julia Holter)
Twin Sister – Kimmi In a Race Field (Balam Acab Remix)
IRIS – Planetarium
Javelin – Goal \Wide
Sam Spence – Sunken Ship (Version 2)
Virtual Flannel – Black Bunnyhug
DTCPU – Lucky Dragon feat. Geodesic
Deantoni Parks – Down
J Dilla – Oh Oh
GOALS – Ghost Run
Dudley Perkins – Falling
submerse – thinking about you
Nicolas Jaar – Shame
Cross Record – Lemon
Sam Prekop – The Republic 3
Fennesz – Aus